Roswell’s Final Witness offers new evidence, irrefutable motive, for the murder of this much-loved president.

JFK – The Roswell connection

Perhaps the saddest and most difficult part of writing “Roswell’s Final Witness” was the portrayal of events described to me leading up to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. It should NEVER have happened.

My name is Michael Muxworthy. I am the author of Roswell’s Final Witness. I will soon expose the (never before revealed) motivation behind the JFK assassination. It is NOT like any scenario I ever imagined.

Not all of Roswell’s Final Witness is fiction.

Government cover up at Roswell
Government cover-up at Roswell? Or something else??

Up until recently, I held pretty clear views about the Roswell alien UFO incident. Claims of a “government cover-up” just didn’t ring true. Let’s face it, if there’s one organization that can’t keep a secret . . . that organization is the government of the United States of America.

If there is no government cover-up, conspiracies involving crashed alien spacecraft at Roswell in 1947 are false. Correct? Not necessarily . . .

“Lateral thinking investigations . . . of the third kind”

Early in 2017, I was unexpectedly approached by a world-famous American hero with an incredible tale that he claimed he had never told anybody previously. Eight witnesses to an alien encounter at Roswell in 1947 swore an oath never to reveal the existence of advanced alien beings . . . not to the government, not to the military, not to anyone. This witness claimed that he was a then 17-year-old Air Force Cadet based at the Roswell Army Airfield with the 509th Bombardment Group Very HeavyRoswell’s Final Witness is the retelling of his story, told with artistic license to create a vehicle to deliver lateral thinking derived insight into these actual events.

JFK assassination – Unintended consequences of alien intervention

In January 1961, newly elected President John F. Kennedy needed answers.

With the Cold War ratcheting up, President Kennedy faced problems brought about by a recent spate of unexplained UFO sightings over Soviet territory. The Soviets were understandably nervous after the U.S. quietly established Jupiter MRBM missile emplacements in Italy and Turkey. Convinced that the UFO sightings were some sort of an advanced American surveillance operation and evidence of even further aggression, the Russian bear became angry.

President Kennedy needed to somehow diffuse the growing aggression and suspicion between the world’s two superpowers. But how?

JFK and Allen Dulles
President John F. Kennedy with CIA Director Allen Dulles

Kennedy, Majestic 12 and Roswell

Enter CIA Director Allen Dulles and his alto-ego . . . MJ ONE, head of the highly secret organization, Majestic 12.

The C.I.A., under the secret direction of Majestic 12, spent 11 years searching out the UFO/alien phenomenon prior to Kennedy’s murder in 1963. In January of 1961, it was the then very powerful Director of Central Intelligence, Allen Dulles, that tentatively approached the new President Kennedy offering the services/expertise of Majestic 12, an organization he had headed up since its inception by President Harry S. Truman in 1952. It was an approach that Kennedy welcomed initially.

What/Who is Majestic 12?

Quietly founded in August 1952 by President Harry S. Truman, Majestic 12 (MJ-12) was a highly secret committee of twelve, made up of top military personnel, world leading (American) scientists and highly influential (American) government officials (including C.I.A.) with objectives of investigation into alien encounters, recovery of alien spacecraft and technology, and the establishment of alien contact protocols.

(N.B. Claims that Majestic 12 came into operation as early as 1947 are FALSE. According to the last surviving witness to the Roswell alien encounter, Majestic 12 deliberately put out false and misleading evidence about their operation as part of their efforts to remain clandestine during the Eisenhower presidency 1953 – 1961)

Harry S Truman and Majestic 12
President Harry S Truman founded the Majestic 12 committee

Majestic 12 was, in fact, a direct result of the crashed alien spacecraft at Roswell in 1947. There had been a great deal of “chatter” surrounding the circumstances of the crash, with rumors of military cover-ups, alien corpses, and technologically advanced crash debris. Likely out of frustration, President Truman created the committee with orders to only report their findings directly to the White House in the hope of finally resolving the Roswell alien/UFO question.

Less than five months into the brief of their operation, the activities of Majestic 12 should have been brought to a sudden halt. In January 1953, the pragmatic and highly skeptical new President Dwight D. Eisenhower put an immediate stop on Majestic 12’s funding. It was meant to have brought about the demise of the secretive committee, except that Eisenhower failed to stipulate that it was also his intention that the committee should be disbanded.

President Eisenhower and Majestic 12
President Dwight D. Eisenhower unfunded Majestic 12, but he never actually disbanded them

Without direction to the contrary and despite being unfunded, the Majestic 12 committee continued to meet, exchange intel, plot, and scheme, believing their endeavors to be virtuous and vital for the sake of their nation and the world. No longer reporting to any president, the committee now became completely autonomous, setting their own goals and agendas.

Allen Dulles through Majestic 12 offered President Kennedy hope of getting to the bottom of the Soviet UFO mystery, to pull up the advance of the Cold War, and demonstrate to the Soviet Union that cooperation and trust were possible. Dulles was now at the peak of his power as he sought the truth about UFOs with Kennedy’s blessing.

What did Majestic 12 know about aliens?

It was during the Presidency of Dwight D. Eisenhower (1953-1961), that the autonomous Majestic 12’s power grew immeasurably. Dulles needed to hold his organization together, to give it purpose and direction; a justification for subterfuge. Rumors of secret government UFO files suited his needs perfectly. Dulles became the master of misinformation on all subject’s alien. Majestic 12 were the guardians of this supposedly explosive technology. In truth they actually held nothing, and Dulles was the only person that knew the entire truth.

Majestic 12 and president Kennedy
Majestic 12. What did they really know about aliens? NOTHING!

Dulles failed just about everything he laid his hands on for President Kennedy; covert ops in Vietnam, Algiers putsch, UFO investigations, assassination attempts of Castro and the disastrous Bay of Pigs invasion all fell substantially under the responsibility of Allen Dulles. Kennedy was right to dismiss him. Majestic 12 seemed destined for oblivion, and with it, the last remaining base of power for the egomaniac Allen Dulles.

Dulles was humiliated, but not completely finished just yet. Clinging to Majestic 12’s original brief of operation directed by President Truman way back in 1952, (the investigation of alien encounters, recovery of alien spacecraft and technology, the establishment of alien contact protocols, and getting to the truth of what occurred at Roswell), Dulles still clung to a very substantial amount of power, including strong influence within the C.I.A.. Dulles created the false belief of “captured UFO technology” as the justification for the secret continuance of Majestic 12 under his leadership.

The Roswell investigation trail had gone very cold, but it wasn’t quite dead. Majestic 12 laid a very clever trap designed to draw out any real witnesses to an alien encounter. New experimental aircraft were heavily-rumored to include reverse-engineered alien technology discovered at the Roswell crash site. To Majestic 12’s great surprise, they snared a member of the military who had never been in their sights previously.

Roswell’s Final Witness claims that he gave Majestic 12 FAKE alien/UFO crash debris in order to throw them off track from the truth. What he gave Majestic 12 wasn’t alien, it was the skin of an experimental Archangel 11 aircraft that had been badly damaged and burned from a crash; wreckage that was given to him by Kelly Johnson from Lockheed’s Skunkworks.

There has been a great deal of speculation about Allen Dulles as being complicit in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Without credible motive, the evidence carries little weight, and motives offered previously are simply not sufficiently credible to justify the murder of a President. Without motive, most observers would agree that the benefit of the doubt weighs heavily in Dulles’ favor.

JFK Assassination
The assassination of President John F. Kennedy

The MOTIVE for President Kennedy’s assassination

We should never have trusted nthe aliens
The Roswell incident

President Kennedy’s overtures to Soviet leader Krushchev proposing cooperation in the fields of space exploration and the sharing of all UFO and extra-terrestrial files must have terrified poor Dulles. He’d told a lot of lies, to a lot of people. He’d made incredible claims in his desperate attempt to cling to power. False claims, but claims that he always believed he could eventually live up to. For Dulles, the significance of the retrieved crash debris from Roswell became more important than ever . . . he needed results. He needed something, anything that would revive his credibility.

Things came to a head shortly before Kennedy’s assassination when Kruschev, after initially ignoring Kennedy’s overtures for cooperation, unexpectedly opened the door of cooperation. Here was real opportunity to finally turn back the tide of the Cold War; to bring the world back from the brink of nuclear annihilation. The cooperation was to be in the field of space exploration. Intrinsic to that cooperation was the sharing of information, including information on UFOs, alien contact, and captured alien technology. This involved N.A.S.A. taking over the control of all responsibility on the subject, and the sharing of that information not only with the U.S.S.R. but with the American President himself who had been repeatedly frustrated by his bureaucracy not allowing him to see anything at every attempt.

Facing humiliating exposure as a complete fraud, and with the threat of losing his last grasp at power, Dulles took the alien crash debris away from the government’s teams of scientists that were working on it and took it to Lockheed’s Skunkworks in the desperate hope that they could quickly make something out of the strange materials. They did. Almost immediately. They determined that the material was from an experimental skin once tested on the Archangel-11 aircraft. It was definitely not alien, and that aircraft had never flown near Roswell, let alone crashed there. Dulles and Majestic 12 had been duped by the real witness to the alien encounter at Roswell. Dulles was fucked! He had NOTHING to show for 11 years of lies and deceit.

So desperate was Dulles to protect his reputation and position, he approached Kelly Johnson at Skunkworks, pleading for Kelly to provide Dulles with materials that could be passed off as being possibly alien in origin. Kelly refused Dulles request outright. He disliked and distrusted Dulles. The date was Tuesday, 12th November 1963, only ten days before the assassination of Kennedy. Dulles, dismissed by Kennedy, humiliated by Kennedy, now faced being exposed as a fraud by Kennedy, albeit unintentional.

I believe Dulles made a choice to protect himself while he still held the power to do so; while his influence and power within the C.I.A. were relatively intact. Dulles convinced operatives within the C.I.A. that it was vital that “Kennedy be stopped at all costs”, to stop the sharing of the incredible technological edge that had been revealed by reverse-engineering alien spaceship crash debris. Alien technology Dulles falsely claimed that was at the forefront of creating the huge divide between the military capabilities of the U.S.S.R. and U.S.A. Dulles argued that America couldn’t afford to give up its massive military advantage that would result with the sharing of the alien derived technology. It would have seemed a strong argument. This is the compelling motivation that has never before been revealed. The rest is history sadly, very sadly.

Rumors of governments having secret alien contact/information/technology are false! There is not one single government in the entire world that knows anything substantial about aliens. Not one has a single piece of physical evidence . . . nothing!

All governments remain tight-lipped over the matter. Why? Because they are too reticent to admit that theirs is the only government that doesn’t know anything. Thanks to the deception of Allen Dulles and Majestic 12, the American government doesn’t even know it doesn’t know anything!

FACT. By the time you finish reading this Roswell’s Final Witness, you’ll know as much or more truth about aliens than any government or organization on Earth.

How is this connection between Kennedy and Roswell different to anything previously?

All existing theories rely on a premise of a Roswell alien encounter cover-up by the authorities. Some say “the government”, others “the Military” or “the CIA”, and the more adventurous even suggest “Majestic 12” as perpetrators of a cover-up. They are ALL wrong.

Yes, there really was an alien crash at Roswell in 1947. No, the military never found out about it, it was kept secret by a sworn oath of those that attended.

What was the Roswell motivation for Kennedy’s assassination?

President Kennedy wasn’t assassinated to cover up what they knew about Roswell. Kennedy was assassinated because Dulles wanted to cover up that he actually lied, and DIDN”T know anything about Roswell.

First novel of the Caesar Rising series
Roswell’s Final Witness

The TRUTH about the Kennedy assassination

The truth about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy will be FULLY revealed when Roswell’s Final Witness is released. Only a small part of the evidence and the greater picture painted is presented here.

Kennedy’s assassination is only one of many of the consequences of alien contact revealed in Roswell’s Final Witness. 

The writing of Roswell’s Final Witness is nearing completion. Please like and share this page . . . and stay in touch. Friend me on facebook.

Michael Muxworthy

Lateral Thining Investigations . . . of the Third Kind

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