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After more than 70 years, Roswell’s alien communications are finally revealed

“Lateral Thinking Investigations . . . of the Third Kind”

Apparently, all advanced alien species eventually master the art of telepathic communication, a rich tapestry of senses, emotions, and even “words”. According to the last surviving witness to the 1947 Roswell alien UFO encounter, you “hear” an actual conversation. More than that though, you feel what the alien feels, see what it sees. Emotions such as empathy, confusion, joy, and sadness are all communicated also . . . and fear. It was the alien communicated “fear” that has never been understood and also why the witness sought out my lateral thinking skills. Why would an alien species with extremely advanced technology “fear” us??

Mankind feared by aliens

My name is Michael Muxworthy. I am a lateral thinking investigator. More recently, I’ve turned my attention to lateral thinking investigations . . . of the third kind. In 2017, the last surviving witness to the actual alien encounter at Roswell approached me with an incredible tale. My soon to be released novel, Roswell’s Final Witness, is the essence of these real events, as they were told to me, told with artistic license in order to involve the reader with the lateral thinking discovery process.

My initial thinking on the subject of the alien fear was that they must fear our aggressive and warlike nature. However, war and aggression are a NORMAL part of the evolutionary process. It is something that all advanced self-aware alien species experience to some degree. NO. They do NOT fear our weapons or aggression. Their potential to create powerful weaponry is vastly superior to our own.


What are the clues left from the Roswell alien encounter?

The surviving alien at Roswell needed to communicate a great deal to the eight witnesses to the encounter so that it could convince them that it was imperative for the sake of Earth’s survival that knowledge of the existence of advanced alien beings is contained as much as possible. The gap between technologies made the communications difficult for the witnesses to understand and appreciate.

that all life on different worlds evolves in pretty much the same way. Just as we learned to use tools, make fire, trade build machines etc, etc, so too do alien species developing on other worlds in our galaxy. Tools, machines, and automation.

“We will not interfere with developing worlds”

Apparently, evolution has a few surprises still in store for us. Not only are we still evolving, our pace of evolution is accelerating rapidly and this is just the beginning. Soon though, we face an evolutionary trial . . . one that we may NOT survive. Armageddon is soon upon us . . . the dawn of the “Spiritual Age”.

Intelligent, self-aware alien species that have survived the evolutionary trial of Armageddon almost immediately take an enormous evolutionary leap into the Spiritual Age. At that time, if we make it through, we’ll be greeted by the galactic community of aliens that peacefully explore our galaxy and master the incredible continuing evolutionary journey that is the “Spiritual Age”.

Sounds pretty good . . . “sounds”.

Roswell alien telepathic communication

The Alien Telepathic Projections:

(N.B. The descriptions of imagery experienced 70 years prior are bound to include errors due to the passage of time. I invite your critique once you read Roswell’s Final Witness)

Fourteen advanced alien species have survived the Armageddon evolutionary event, evolved from the “physical age” and now peacefully explore our galaxy and evolve in the “spiritual age”. Doesn’t it follow that if mankind is on the same evolutionary path, faces the same trials, and survives, that we too will join peacefully with the galactic community? According to the last surviving witness, aliens have made a terrible mistake in their dealings with mankind.




This is at the heart of what the aliens fear. Mankind has strayed from the proven evolutionary path. We are different. This is what I have interpreted from the imagery supposedly projected to the 8 witnesses to the alien encounter. But why?

When the aliens broke off all contact with mankind about 2,000 years ago, we were not expected to survive the Armageddon event. Substantial alien intervention into our early development had accelerated our evolutionary journey considerably. Aliens knew that they had made a terrible mistake and they tried to put us back on the only known evolutionary pathway to successfully negotiate the Armageddon event.The Roswell alien encounter with a crashed spaceship revealed a future alien war “