Lateral thinking derived theories


I’ve applied lateral thinking creativity to the testimony of Roswell’s final witness. The theories that have resulted follow:


1/ The COLD WAR was unintentionally ignited by alien technology

An incursion into US airspace on July 3, 1947, exhibits extremely advanced technology.  A top-secret military report concludes the bogey can only be Nazi-inspired Soviet technology.

2/ NEVER be an expert (if you want to succeed)

3/ Disc-shaped UFOs are not spacecraft

4/ There WAS a second crash site at Roswell

5/ Alien descriptions and communications are deliberately “cliched”

6/ Aliens don’t contact us for our own protection

7/ Armageddon is a technological hurdle of evolution

‘Armageddon is an apocalyptic outcome common to the eventual evolutionary journey of all intelligent self-aware species as they approach the threshold of the Spiritual Age’

8/ Eight witnesses to the alien encounter

9/ RNA is the source of life everywhere in the galaxy

10/ Our world is about to be destroyed

11/ Two alien species have visited Earth

12/ Physical/Spiritual Age

13/ Nature is imperfect … by design

14/ God is a composite entity of the previous universe

15/ 600,000 years of alien influence

16/ Our twisted evolution

17/ The “gift” space city awaits survivors

18/ Alien counter-intervention strategy

19/ The sworn oath of secrecy

20/ The Roswell cover-up/project Mogul

21/ Alien coffins

22/ We should never have trusted the aliens

23/ Aliens fear us – why?

24/ Religion is a tool of the alien counter-intervention

25/ Alien coded messages

26/ The alien solution to Armageddon

27/ Area 51 sparks alien curiosity

28/ Skunkworks and fake alien crash debris

29/ Majestic 12 mishandled the Roswell investigation

MJ-12 directives:

– Investigate alien encounters;

– Recover alien spacecraft and technology;

– Establish alien contact protocols;

– Get to the truth of the Roswell incident.

30/ New President Kennedy assassination theory

31/ Personal biological quantum super-computers





“Lateral thinking investigations

. . . of the third kind”

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