The Roswell/Kennedy Connection

Incredible new evidence has come to light that directly links the infamous crash of an alien UFO at Roswell in 1947 and the assassination of much-loved President John F. Kennedy.

Just before he passed away, the last surviving actual witness to the alien encounter at Roswell in 1947 made some incredible claims. He claims that in 1961, he was snared in a well-laid trap set by Majestic 12 (puppet-masters of the CIA) trying to ferret out the truth about the Roswell encounter. Eight witnesses to the encounter swore an oath NEVER to reveal the truth about the existence of advanced alien species. Rather than give Majestic 12 the truth, evidence was “manufactured” by Kelly Johnson from Lockheed’s famous “Skunkworks” operation to foil their investigation.

Shortly before his death, Roswell’s Final Witness realized . . .

“We should never have trusted the aliens”

How did fake alien crash debris lead to Kennedy’s murder?

Click here to find out.

Kennedy assassination
JFK was murdered for the wrong reasons

Roswell’s Final Witness reveals the truth about the alien encounter at Roswell.

Michael Muxworthy

Lateral Thinking Investigations . . . of the Third Kind

We should never have trusted nthe aliens
The Roswell incident

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